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24/7 Emergency Vet for Cats & Dogs in Charlotte

Carolina Veterinary Specialists provides 24/7 emergency veterinary care including Saturdays and Sundays

Call (704) 504-9608

Meet Our Emergency Veterinarians

What To Do In A Pet Emergency

Knowing what to expect at Carolina Veterinary Specialists during an emergency will make the process easier for you and your pet. 

Call Ahead If You Can

While we know you may not be able to call us during an emergency, it's always for the best if you can. You can also fill out the New Patient Form, should time permit. 

New Patient Form

Get Your Pet To Our Emergency Animal Hospital in Charlotte

We'll show you to your exam room and, if not already completed, have you fill out our New Patient Form. One of our veterinary technicians will triage your pet, followed by a full examination by a veterinarian.

Determine Treatment

Once we've assessed the issue, we will create a treatment plan for your pet. We'll also share your pet's medical history and files with your primary care veterinarian to ensure seamless and integrated care.

Pet Emergency, Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte

Emergency FAQs

Our emergency veterinarians in Charlotte treat animals in circumstances that need urgent medical care, including those that can threaten their life.

  • What is a vet emergency situation?

    The following are considered emergency situations. If your pet has had an accident or is displaying any of these symptoms, they require immediate care and should be brought to our office right away.

    • Severe or nonstop bleeding
    • Clear signs of extreme anxiety or pain
    • Breathing difficulty, choking or repeated coughing or gagging
    • Seizures and/or staggered movement
    • Nosebleeds, bleeding from mouth or rectum, or blood in urine
    • Inability to urinate or defecate, or pain associated with either urinating or passing feces
    • Eye injury
    • Confirmation or suspicions of your pet ingesting something poisonous, including chocolate, antifreeze, rodent poison or xylitol, among others
    • Broken or fractured bones, inability to move leg(s) or evidence of lameness
    • Heatstroke or other evidence of heat stress
    • More than two episodes of severe vomiting or diarrhea in a 24-hour window
    • Refusing to drink water for 24 hours or more
    • Unconsciousness
  • What are your Charlotte emergency vet services?

    Our emergency clinic offers your pets emergency care that is state-of-the-art. We are equipped to provide hospitalization to your four-legged family member, as well as specialized diagnostics and a complete suite of surgical services.

  • Should I call in advance?

    If you can, it is always is best to call us ahead. However, we recognize that may not be possible in an emergency situation.

    If your situation does not allow you to call in advance, do not hesitate — bring your pet to our hospital for immediate care.

  • What are your emergency clinic hours?

    • Monday:24 hours
    • Tuesday:24 hours
    • Wednesday:24 hours
    • Thursday:24 hours
    • Friday:24 hours
    • Saturday:24 hours
    • Sunday:24 hours

  • Do you have wait times?

    A veterinary emergency hospital is just like an emergency room at a human hospital — it can be hard to predict and waiting is sometimes required.

    We prioritize the cases we see by medical need, but we cannot predict the cases that will arrive at our clinic.

    We have a comfortable waiting area and will do our best to keep you updated about your pet's status and any wait times you may experience. 

  • Will you update our primary care veterinarian?

    Yes! Your primary care veterinarian will be updated with medical history and files to ensure your pet receives care that is integrated and seamless.

Pet Care in Charlotte

Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte accepts all clients for our 24/7 emergency service. Our specialty services accepts new clients by referral only.

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